Never assume always.

Every evening, almost without fail, my husband asks me if I want a cup of tea.  To this day, after 11 years of asking, I say no every time.  I never drink tea at night – it might be all in my head but the one or two times I have, too polite to refuse when I’m out, my mind goes into overdrive.  My husband knows this is my reason, thinks it’s ridiculous, and so keeps asking, just on the off-chance I’ll change.

I can’t tell you how freeing it is to have someone believing that who you are is not set in stone.  I’m trying to think of people I know that I could show that same openness to, or if I’ve ever done it in the past.  So next time I have to ask a question, I need to throw out my expectations of what their answer will be, and just listen.  Someone who’s always a bit gloomy, might just need the space to find a glimmer of happiness – a nodding head and eyes looking away do not give them that.

Of course, the one time I do say yes to a cup of tea, ruins it – I’m no longer full of possibility, I’m just someone who’s contrary.  And, inevitably, up all night.

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