Life as a journey

I don’t know why but the word ‘pilgrimage‘ keeps coming into my mind. My cousin sang about her week-long experience walking part of the Camino de Santiago, bringing me alongside with her rhythmic strumming. Someone else compared giving things up for Lent as joining with Jesus when He journeyed to Jerusalem and His death on the cross. Then I was reading Christy Lefteri’s The Beekeeper of Aleppo and read these words: ‘I can walk to the other side of the world and there will still be darkness… This darkness is inside me and has nothing to do with the outside world.’ That line struck me as the heart of the matter. It doesn’t matter how far we can walk or how beautiful the scenery, if we are struggling with the hardships of life, it is impossible to be impacted by the wonders close by.

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Trying to

Find a sense of achievement.

When you’re at school, tests track your progress. When you’re at work, often one-to-ones with your manager record how you are getting on. When you are an athlete or do some form of sport there are personal bests or step counts to measure your activities. However, when none of those feature in your daily life, different challenges need to be found.

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In the woods

At least three times, every time he has seen me in fact, my surgeon has uttered those pessimistic words: ‘you’re not out of the woods yet’. He hasn’t told me how to get out, or how to survive while I’m in there. Not great for a Wind in the Willows aficionado that’s for sure. The only way that terrified Mole could cope when he was in the wild woods was by running out of them. I’m trapped here for two years apparently.

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