On the inside, looking out

There she was again, just like countless times before.  Buckled in, stuck in, and no way of getting out.  She could look out, though, from her prison, her life.  Look out, and either go over the day she’d planned, or…

What’s that?  A bird flying too high?  A bit of the plane?  She pressed herself against the side of her seat, to get a more certain view.  Slowly coming into focus, she realised she was looking out at a sky-diver, face pushed back, arms wide, legs bent.  She looked around the passengers but everyone had their eyes down, in on themselves, just as she had been.  The lesson was hers alone, it seemed.

The diver dropped, and she was left wondering whether he had ever been there at all.  Whatever was real, she knew that her life was about to change, that she was about to change her life.  No more being stuck where she didn’t want to be, no more letting the momentum carry her places she didn’t want to go, no more watching other people living while she just survived.  Her life, on the outside, was one to envy – perfectly performed, immaculately presented.  But climb inside, and order falls away, confusion rises up.  Someone, perhaps something, else was controlling every move, every decision she made.  Not any more.  From this ridiculous moment, she was going to break out.

She was going to sky-dive.

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