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I’ve been writing this blog for over 10 years! My first post back in September 2008 wasn’t quickly followed up with another, but in 2017 I really found my rhythm and since then I’ve pretty much averaged a post a week.

Writing has become my profession now in a way that I didn’t expect back in the “noughts”. I’ve published 3 books and have found a community of interest through the blog.

I think some of you might want to support me in my writing, and of course some of you do by buying the books, but here’s another opportunity.

If you like reading my regular post on a Monday and would like to help me fund my writing, please consider signing up for a regular contribution.

The button below will let you support me by paying £12 a year. That’s only £1 a month! You don’t get any special benefits (yet) other than my heartfelt thanks and the increased likelihood that I’ll be able to continue publishing my blog posts.