Fields, Vienetta and moon bases

How can there possibly be a link, I hear you ask.  Well, the thing they have in common is a lack of vision.  Mine, that is.

So, we’re having people round for a Chinese.  What to make for dessert, I wonder.  Why not Vienetta, my husband asks.  First, I shoot the suggestion down in flames, then, not coming up with anything else, I give in, assuring him that it’s a terrible idea.  Turns out, everyone else thought it was a great option for post-take-away dessert.  1-0 to him.

Our son arrives home with a letter from school.  His P2 class have been given the project of designing and making a house.  So I’m thinking shoe-boxes, cardboard tables and chairs.  Husband says, let’s make a moon-base.  Shaking my head, I quickly cut out windows and doors in a shoe-box for my daughter (but really as an emergency back-up when the moon thing goes belly-up).  Meanwhile, the boys cover things in tin-foil and draw aliens.  Slowly, I came to accept that it was a done deal, but every time I looked at it, I fretted.  It was just too risky.  I was still in doubt when I carried it into school, meeting other mums with mansions, garden swings and even a house of sticks for the three little pigs!  Oh dear.  Wrong again, Ruth.  Samuel came out, still proud, telling me that even the headmistress loved it.  2-0.

And finally, the field.  The most outrageous, daring suggestion of all.  Musing over how to invest (or spend – it’s debatable) his redundancy money, Ryan begins to seriously consider buying a field.  For what?  First it was to put a shed in, then to plant trees.  What about the children’s education I shriek.  Apparently this may well be a better investment.  I’m in disbelief.  Then, the thought is shared with at least five different sets of people.  Did they agree with me, as I expected them to?  Oh no, the vote was unanimous: they wished they’d thought of it first.  An out and out victory: vision 3, caution nil.

Clearly, it’s time for me to take my Vienetta and eat it.

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