Make it your ambition

Your ambition to what?  To be at the top?  To have an impressive answer to the question, ‘what do you do?’.  The end of the original sentence was a surprise to me, but also a relief.  ‘Make it your ambition’, Paul tells me, ‘to lead a quiet life.’ (1st Thessalonians).   Not a lazy life, or a safe life, but one that does not point to self,  but to God.  Actually, that is a tall order.  I read in another place that we should learn to live purposefully (John Andrews, 2:52 Learning to Grow On PurposeI).  Most of the time I watch my life being lived, or survived.  Maybe behaving in a more deliberate, considered way would be a more fulfiling way to live.  Maybe what I have been given to do is not insignificant, or accidental.  Maybe it was given on purpose, and maybe it deserves to be accepted as such.  ‘There is no higher calling’, someone once told me about motherhood.  But now I’m beginning to learn that the highest calling of all is whatever work we find ourselves doing, day in, day out.  Mostly it is not extraordinary, but it is praiseworthy.  Many times, I have defensively, and sadly, referred to myself as not being career-driven, or having an ambition.  Now, I’m discovering that I do.

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