Walking in the Sun

Rachel is heading to Nice to fulfil the third year requirements of her French degree. She’s leaving some unresolved issues and unspoken feelings behind her. But as soon as she sets foot on French soil, she starts a new journey that takes her away from her past and her misconceptions, changing her mindset for good.

Along the way, she shares in the lives of the people that live in her building:

  • A Moroccan family who struggle to assert their right to live in the city their ancestors travelled to many years before,
  • A reclusive English artist who seeks to run away from her painful past,
  • A middle-aged Italian widower, driven from his home by the economic crises of his town in Southern Italy,
  • A pure-bred Nicois youth pushed out of his house by his Front National parents.

As Rachel experiences life outside of her bijou studio, she meets people who have a hidden connection to her neighbours.

She has a choice: tell them the truth, jeopardising her blossoming romance with Sebastian and her neighbours’ peaceful way of life, or will she go home to her best friend Charlie and let the startling discoveries lie?

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A good read, well written and refreshingly different.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.

Got this on my kindle and it was a fantastic book, loved every character. I couldn’t put it down once I started it…..it was read in a day on holidays!!!!

I found myself caring deeply about all the characters, and I wanted to know how things would pan out for them. I warmly recommend this book.