The Lost Things

Remember the book I released via monthly subscription earlier this year?

It will be flying into Amazon in January next year for you to purchase and read in its entirety. Keep your eyes peeled. Not long now!

What is it about? The Lost Things tells the stories of people who are either lost themselves or have lost someone or something precious to them. Join them on their treasure hunt and see where they end up. The church, St Anthony’s, is the driving force of the story, but when it comes under threat, who will stand up in its place?

Good things are coming in 2021 and The Lost Things could be one of them!

Are you a worrier,

Or a warrior?

Last night I was trying to encourage my daughter as she faces yet another week of AQE tests in school. Any other year she would be finished, but because of lockdown they have been postponed until after Christmas. It’s horrible. She’s exhausted and more stressed than an eleven year old should ever be. At bed time last night I told her she was a warrior. ‘Not a worrier?!’ she quipped.

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