It’s here.  No-one I wrote to wanted to take my book on.  After a time of feeling the sting of rejection, I dusted myself down and published it myself.  So there.

Reading over a story I had written over a year ago, it felt like meeting old friends, and enemies too.  It’s the book I have always wanted to write, and the act of making that happen was sometimes therapeutic, sometimes just downright terrifying.  All I can hope now is that people will read it, and be stopped in their tracks, even for a moment.  One literary agent, in fact the first one I pitched to, said ‘Troubles based fiction is very hard to place’.  Well, here you are, Mr.Lofty, I placed it.  Right into the hands of people who want to read it.  Who possibly need to read it, even 18 years after the Good Friday Agreement.

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