Dead ends and turning points

I am dreadful at driving anywhere new. I remember going somewhere a couple of years ago. I put it into Google maps, turned the radio off and the spoken directions on. Unfortunately when I am nervous I tend to turn before I need to. That day, I heard at least twice the words ‘make a U-turn’. And then what? I drove on, blindly hoping I was heading in the right direction. A great approach, don’t you think?

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Don’t let it

Dampen your spirits.

On my wedding day, nearly twenty years ago, it was a typical Donegal day: sunshine and showers. We got in to the church in the sun and for a short while afterwards it stayed dry. But then the heavens opened, nearly everyone headed to the reception and we got our photographs taken in the church. Two cars did stay behind and tooted their horns behind us through the town. The funny thing was, after months of planning, the rain did not bother me one tiny bit.

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