The opposite of the emperor’s clothes…

Terrible title, I know, but I’m waiting to come across a better way of putting it.  My reasons for it  – the emperor thought he had everything, when he had nothing, sometimes I think the reverse about myself.

Recently, I’ve had a growing realisation that maybe my frequent hankering after unfulfilled aspirations and possible plans is actually blinding me to the purpose and calling I already have.  I don’t think I’m the only one either.

When do we stop looking to the distant horizon and start seeing the ground that we’re standing on, and the sights within our reach?  I have spent (and wasted) a lot of moments wondering when I am going to be doing things that use my ‘gifts’ and hard-won skills, and asking God to show me the plans He has for my life.  But – what if I am already there?  What if my gifts and skills are already being put to good use in my daily work as a mother?  What if God’s calling for me is the most wonderful plan of all, and it’s already working itself out?  Surely, if we believe that, then we start to find miracles in the mundanities of our lives, and approach every day with a bit more thankfulness and expectation.

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