I don’t know what got into me.  I was getting tired of ticking over day in, day out.  Fancied a change.  So I aimed high, jumped in fact.  Far above my comfort zone, far beyond the things I’m used to.  It was an adventure, the first leap.  Nobody came with me, they were all either too frightened.  Or too wise.


Now that I’m up here, ‘too wise’ seems more accurate.  I’m up, and now I’m stuck.  Kind of feel I have to hold on so my sceptical audience can swallow their told-you-so’s.  Don’t have an option anyway – too far up, too far to climb down.


Why oh why did I ever think that this could be better than what I had before.  It took the height to learn that.  And to lose it.


There are huge shadows moving over, then a flash, then they disappear again.  I am alone.  My watchers have gone back to their work.  It was my work too, before the jump.  Before I got stuck.


All that’s left is to let myself drop.  The cost: broken wings.  The lesson: look at what you’ve got before you leave it behind.

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