No tapestries or crutches here.

I’ve been thinking about the word ‘twee’ today, and how frequently it is associated with all things Christian.  It started when I was looking over my longer story (I won’t give it the grand name of novel yet), checking for anything too frothy or florally, wanting to make sure it was real enough.  It’s a challenge for the Christian writer I suppose: not wanting to be in the league of ‘novels for the Christian lady’, but also needing to be true to the core of who you are.

When did Christianity become decorated over with fine tapestries and cute images?  A work colleague of mine talking about faith quipped ‘I suppose everyone needs a crutch.’  I was caught off guard, and said nothing,  For years now, I have wished I had responded: at the centre of my faith, there is a cross, not a crutch.  Life with Jesus is a true life, but often not an easy one.  Look into the Bible and see more wars than flowers, more poverty than riches, more suffering than luxury.  But examine it closer and discover real peace, eternal wealth, and the certain promise of heaven.  It tells the ultimate story, the story that can look the starving, the terminally ill, the depressed or the lost straight in the eye.  This lasting truth is not twee; it is the only reality that stands when everything else collapses.  Try cross-stitching that.

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