What’s for ye…

won’t go by ye.  I used to hear that all the time when I was in Glasgow – especially when I was applying for a job, or looking for a house.  At the time I think I found it reassuring – the whole idea of your life being controlled by something greater and therefore, nothing to worry about, or chase after.

Now, at this present time, I think that’s complete rubbish.  There is a lot of harm in believing if you just wait, things will happen.  Sometimes, that is true, but most times it leaves you high and dry.  I know people who say God will send them a husband, and so they just stay in and wait for him to miraculously knock on their door.  Unsurprisingly, they’re still single.

At the minute, I am at a cross-roads – I can either read the negative ‘signs’ and give up, or, I can keep pressing on.  Ok, so my printer’s out of ink – big deal, I’ll just go to a different one.  The second publisher that I wanted to send my work to isn’t taking any more submissions – so what, I’ll find others.  Deciding to keep on fighting or searching can be invigorating at first, but I know from experience, it gets really tough.

The thing is, I have worked so hard to get this far, and to stop trying now would make a nonsense of that.  I’ve always known the odds were against me, but screw the odds.  It is annoying that famous people only say ‘keep on trying’ when they’re giving an acceptance speech for some award or other, never when they’re in the middle of repeated rejections themselves.  But still, they are right.  It’s not about falling at the first hurdle. it’s about picking yourself up after scores of them, and keeping on.  Maybe when I’m a successful author I’ll tell you that again.  But if not. at least I’ll know I’ve tried.

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