I hate change, mostly.  And at the minute, there’s some a-brewing in the Adams household.  Not wanting to pass on my problems with adaptability, I’ve kept schtum.  It’s amazing how concern over handing down an unwanted legacy can motivate me to behave better in front of my children.

So, what are these changes?  Well, the first most immediate one is having to drive a courtesy car for a few days.  I hate the lightness of the accelerator, the absence of the reversing camera and the ignorance about how to turn the wipers on.  I want my car back.  But, it only took a couple of times out in this one to beat that out of me, and now, it’s fine.  A lesson about learning as you go along I suppose.

A bigger one is this: we are tentatively considering moving house.  So tentative are we that our current property isn’t even on the market yet.  There’s one problem with that though – we’ve seen a house, it was sold, but now it’s back on the market.  Second chance to do it right, you’d think.  But we still haven’t phoned the agent to put ours up for sale.  What a shemozzle.

I don’t know whether it’s about fear of the unknown, or just unwillingness to move on from what we’ve got, but it’s a struggle.  When I showed the agent round our house a couple of months ago, I found myself loving it even more.  But changes are happening – our kids are growing. my legs are worsening, and we really have to move.  This is the chance to take control, and face those changes head on.  It’s about believing that there’s something better ahead.  Something that will turn what we have now into a sentimental memory.  I’m writing this now, but maybe in a year’s time I’ll read it again and smile at my silliness.  It’s always easy to be philosophical with hindsight, isn’t it?  But you can’t even achieve that, if you haven’t done anything.  It’s time for a new chapter.  This one’s lost its magic.

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