If I were a butterfly…

Yesterday the kids were singing that Sunday School song, and I remembered it as one of my favourites.  As I listened to the words – creatures thanking God for the thing that made them who they were I realised I had not done that in a long time.

The start of the new year has filled me with a harmful dose of introspection – what am I to do this year and how can I be someone more remarkable.  You know, have something to write into my Facebook profile that will impress, or have a good answer to the horrible question – ‘so what is it that you do?’  I have caught myself wishing I could be more important, and more successful in the world’s terms.

I do wonder how many other people go through the same feelings.  But think about the song – do you really think fuzzy wuzzy bears like their fuzzy wuzzy hair?  Maybe they’d rather be an elephant, for example.  But the thing is, they are not an elephant, they are a bear, and always will be.  And the sooner they start thanking God for that, the happier they’ll be, in their own fur.

So what is it that makes you, you?  I find I’m quite good at seeing other people’s strengths, but struggle to see my own.  I do know what makes me happy though – writing, music and most of all, my family.  So I’ll start there, and eventually I’ll end up thanking God for making me me.  Not her over there, or that person I’ve read about, but just me.  Fuzzy wuzzy hair is good for a bear, but an elephant’s trunk too would be plain wrong.  Can you imagine if we all got to be the people we wish we were?  Talk about a natural disaster!

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