There is no time there

That must be one of my favourite speeches ever; the one that Sydney Carton makes in A Tale of Two Cities before he is killed.  My heart always lifts with the promise that the drudgery of this life will be left behind forever.  I love the idea of eternal rest when most days I’m plain worn out.

But yesterday, after a conversation about heaven divided the parties over whether there would be a permanent, unchanged state,  or a certain amount of movement and transformation.  Honestly, the prospect of singing endless hymns on repeat does not fill me with a huge amount of happy anticipation, much as I love singing.

Of course, the idea of there being no time also leads to the idea that when you go to heaven, everyone you love will already be there.  I like that notion.  And Sydney must have too.  What I just can’t get my head round is this ‘permanent state of bliss’ association with heaven.

I know I’ve shared my dislike of change before, but here’s what I’m realising – change is built in to the astounding planet we live on – the tides sweeping in and out, the rain showers starting and stopping, the clouds chasing across the sky, the small bulbs bursting out of darkness into magnificent colour, the baby taking her first uncertain steps…and so much more – an infinity of constant movement.

A heaven of changing seasons?

I’ll tell you when I get there.


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