Under siege

What can’t you live without? Three weeks ago when my husband commandeered our laptop I would have said I could manage without it. Now, I’m not so sure. Week one was fine, I just worked on paper. Week two I was getting snappy. Week three I stopped writing altogether and read a book.

It’s week four now and I’m contemplating wrapping all the Christmas presents early, or possibly making the stuffing. Or maybe I’ll just run in and take it back.

Living without something can be frustrating. But hold on, it’s only a thing not a someone.

There are elements in my life I’ve had to do without. The ability to walk long distances or run at all is up there as number one. I wish I could say I’ve found a way to be content period, but it’s an hour by hour mental battle to get there.

For others the siege might be depression, grief, debt, addiction, stress, conflict or personal doubt. Sometimes what you need is someone else to pitch their tent beside you. Not to say miraculous, insightful words but just to dwell in your circumstances with you. For however long it takes. And because it’s portable, they can always come back.

So here’s a question for you:

Who would you pitch your tent beside?

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