Raindrops on roses

The past couple of months have been tough- for so many people I know and for me too in a smaller measure.

What do you do, think or say when times are this dark? Honestly, I’ve no idea. Somehow words emblazoned on coffee cups or embroidered on cushions just fly away in the face of this much pain. There is no philosophy that can fix it. Nothing we can do to take it away. But.

I was sitting beside an elderly lady yesterday who had recently lost her husband very suddenly. And what did she say to me? ‘We just have to be thankful for what we have. It’s the only way to get through this.’ Now, because it came from someone who was in the middle of great darkness, I take that advice very seriously.

I am always worrying about bad things happening because sometimes they do. We can’t stop that. But how do we keep on going?

We look around, find the good things and treasure them.

(Still struggle to be glad about whiskers on kittens though. I think my dog would back me up on that one.)

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