The more it snows tiddlypom

The more everyone panics. About being stopped from doing important things. Of course, if that means you’re stuck in an airport, or you’re in labour then it is important. But take me, for example: I’m groaning at the heavy sky because I have an appointment with my beauty Salon. How can life go on if my eyebrows are not shaped, I ask myself. Or if that business meeting has to be postponed, or the kids have to stay at home.

For some, these things are stressful enough but for most of us, all it takes is a bit of re-shuffling and a fair amount of letting go.

On the last ‘snow’ (inverted commas because we live in Northern Ireland not Toronto) day earlier this week I sat beside my son on the sofa and we moaned about being bored. Thankfully that soon changed as we made a plan for the day that saved it- some time building a fortress with his wee sister in the snow (I watched from the warm kitchen), a lot of time getting a glove off a hyper dog tearing in circles round the garden, drinking hot chocolate and watching a film. It was a good day after all.

Maybe, if we can, we should let go of our long list of priorities and just let it snow.

Of course, I’m still looking out with a sinking heart wondering when I will look presentable again. High aims or eyebrows are hard to let go of, aren’t they.

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