Waiting for a rescue

This morning I said out loud what most just keep to themselves, ‘I wish someone would just tell me to lie back down and they’ll take care of everything.’

Of course I got up. Sitting here at the end of most busy things, I’m reminded about something…that full-on take-over rarely happens. But. Through every tough day, more than once, someone or something picks you up. Usually just for a moment. But it matters.

A few hours ago when I was putting a huge amount of groceries in bags, I turned to apologise to the man behind me and he stepped forward to lift the heaviest bag into my trolley. A tiny rescue which was momentous to me.

I’m going through that despondency of publishing and counting on two hands the number of sales I’ve made. But just then I read a blog by someone further along the road than me that reminded me that it’s the writing that counts more than anything. And I’m never going to stop doing that.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my wild hope for a rescue. But I’m learning not to miss the little ones that are offered every day.

I wonder what yours have been today?

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