Everybody has a story,

What’s yours?

Last week I noticed that Facebook have a new thing where they show people’s ‘stories’. Maybe it’s compensating for the fact that a single snapshot of a pouting thirty year old does not tell us anything about them, but I doubt it.

Last week someone unintentionally offended me. And the only thing that took me beyond my annoyance was the thought that I had no idea what else was going on in that person’s life that would keep them from considering my feelings.

They had a story, just like we all do. Now, looking back on the times I was mocked at school for being a Christian, I excuse the bully by saying ‘but they didn’t have it easy at home ‘

That generosity of thought helps sometimes, but not always. The hard truth is that some people have chosen their story, editing out or forgetting the good bits and trying to pull others in with them. I’ve experienced that, as I’m sure you have too.

The happier thought is that we all have something precious to share with people around us. Something unique. Something that might help us understand others a little more too. Something that can be used either for harm or for good. And you know the best part?

It’s a story only you can tell.

Just don’t forget to listen to everybody else’s.

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