The Greatest?

Who decides that, when it comes to subjective, unquantifiable things?

In fact, even measurable achievements can be debated. Twenty metres for a person who finds it difficult to walk (like me), could be the equivalent of a thousand metres for somebody else. A bowl of soup could be a feast for a starving person, or a disappointing starter at a banquet.

On Saturday night I watched another episode of The Greatest Dancer and it hugely disappointed me. The week before, a man with Downs Syndrome astounded everyone with his grace and exquisite movement. A deaf performer proved that music could be felt as much as heard. But at the recall stage, both were sent home. The able-bodied, ‘normal’ contenders were taken through, the tears of the dance captains over the two men completely forgotten.

For me, the greatest dancer would have been the one who danced in the face of adversity, with their disability, not without it. I feel like the show, the powers that be, have, yet again, decided that to be great, you have to fit the same old expectations, achieve the same old things, look the same, be the same. It’s like they thought, we’ll tick that equal opportunity box and then forget all about it again.

In my world, ‘greatest’ is far more multi-faceted: the greatest is someone who has given all they’ve got, despite what they haven’t got, to achieve their best. I don’t think anyone can decide on that, do you?

Today, you’re the greatest mum, dad, friend, human being you can be, within the struggles you face. Don’t ever let anyone make you give up on that.

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