Under the sun

Apparently, there’s nothing new there. Every song has an echo of another, every story re-writes ones that already exist. Fashions come back decades later, pieces of art are re-worked.

So why bother? I’m going through a terrible phase where every character I write seems suspiciously familiar and plot lines all give away the books I’ve read or the TV I’ve watched. The quest for originality is a fruitless one.

What I have found in my reading around is that, to sound ‘fresh’, you have to go dark and grimy. Bit of a contradiction isn’t it?

In the middle of this doldrum I went to the seaside. And there I realised something. The sunshine on the waves taught me that in life everything can be made new, you just need more light. What’s the point of sitting in the muck, when you can push yourself up and search for a better place?

I suppose that goes for people too. There is no-one who does not have something unique to offer. Their finger-print is proof of that.

So here’s what I’m saying to you:

you are not a copy of anyone.

You are unique.


Maybe I’ll write about that some day.

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