And now…

I bring you colour! This is the second post I’ve written today but, in the middle of the first, I got a grip. It’s so easy to write yourself into a dark place. Harder to climb up or step back to find the light.


After last week’s grey wall, a friend suggested painting it, or using it as a climbing wall. All I could see was grey. She saw the much more colourful potential.

When you’re stuck in the shadows, sometimes you just need a friend who can see the colour. When I stop and think about it, there has been colour in surprising places today; my daughter picked a bright purple grape hyacinth from the dark edge of the driveway, I watched the New Zealand prime minister hold grieving family members at the scene of the mosque shootings, a thousand rainbow bouquets at their feet, I spotted a mouse’s waistcoat of blue sky on an otherwise rainy day. Of course, I only thought of those things because of what my friend said last week.

It’s hard to see brightness sometimes, but if you look for it, you can usually find it, with a little help…

Do you have a friend who can see beyond the grey in your life?

Why don’t you let them help you paint it multi-colour again?

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