Forget compare,

Choose contrast instead.

Recently I’ve been getting so down every time I’m on Twitter. So many people are winning writing competitions or getting books published. It’s got to the point when I’m thinking seriously of following accountants or something. Anyone who I can’t compare myself to.

I was at my kid’s sports day today and the place was thick with competition. The children were blatant about it- the boys and sometimes the girls looked from side to side to see who they were beating. Meanwhile the parents were taking videos or photos to put on social media later- you know, ‘my child came first in the sprint today’. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a post of someone coming last…

You know the best thing I saw though? The ones at the back were having a great time, laughing with each other. I remember being one of those people in my not so sporty youth. When you’re not a winner, hang out with the rest. They’re more fun anyway.

That said, there’s no harm in trying to be better. It’s so easy to let one experience of failure stop you from taking a chance on anything again. The only question is, what have you got to lose?

I would rather have umpteen memories of the times when I tried and failed than none at all. Obviously, I don’t want to have another go, thirty- two years later, at the sack race. There are some things best left unrepeated. But maybe I’ll send off my book, when it’s done, and see if this time, someone wants it. If not, I’ll just keep on writing, reminding myself that it’s the joy of doing a thing that matters most. Just like those laughing girls today.

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