Ways around

Sitting here watching my daughter in her ballet class, I’m reminded that even though I’ve lost grace myself, I can take delight in hers.

Even though I can’t make it to the top of a mountain, my family can phone me from one and share a panorama of the view. Even though I can’t walk the dog at the moment, she still shows me love and devotion.

When you can’t do a thing, for a multitude of reasons, there is almost always a way round it. Don’t lose heart. Some amazing people do things in spite of the odds stacked against them. I have hugely optimistic days like that sometimes.

But for the rest of the time, I’m discovering that I just need to be clever about stuff, and take a longer view.

Right now my son is coping with a broken finger which happened only a couple of weeks after he discovered a love for sailing. He’s coming to terms with it now, knowing that one day soon he’ll be back out on the water again. In the meantime, he opens his wardrobe, breathes in the smell of his new wet suit and feels happy anticipation. I hate it that he’s learning the horrible lesson I’ve been taught, but I’m thankful he’s found a way round.

The other alternative route I have is found in writing. When I write, I can go anywhere, help anyone, do anything. And always guarantee a happy ending too.

It struck me recently that perhaps that’s why I started to do it in the first place.

Is there something blocking you at the minute? Can you see a solution? Look about you, maybe there’s someone else who can do it for you, or maybe there’s another way.

I really hope you can find it.

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