All those mattresses

Would squash the toughest of peas.

Let’s be clear: I’m not rooting for the princess here. Show a little heart for the poor legume!

I’m discovering that June, albeit my birthday month, is a month where more and more stuff gets piled on- school events, teacher-presents to sort out, forms to fill in, books to sign, medical appointments to attend, school uniform to buy (because the shop has decided to have their sale on now. Unhelpfully). By the time the school holidays arrive, I’m ready to climb into bed and lie on top of the mattress, not beneath it.

It’s the unexpected stuff that’s the worst; an official letter lands on your doormat, someone you know gets sick, children break bones…

Do you ever think, how much more???

But somehow, we mostly get through to the other side. I wish I could have the energy to ‘go to the mattresses’ and deal with everything Marlon Brando style, but I’m done. Flattened. Weighed down. If only there was a way to get out. Writing this, making lists and taking one mattress at a time is my only solution. When they all pile up, it’s impossible to see a way out. But, one at a time, they’re easier to shift.

I wish life was about swooning onto a soft heap and complaining about the little things, but it’s not as easy pea-sy (sorry!) as that. It’s weight-lifting, prioritising, exhausting chaos.

Still, there’s always a bed waiting at the end of it.

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