Get to a good place.

My daughter and her dad left to walk round the lake yesterday and I had the choice of either sitting in the stuffy car or finding a seat outside with a view.

Of course I chose the latter. I’m so glad I did.

It got me thinking- if you’re in a stuck place, search for a better one if you can. Thinking about the mood I would have been in if I’d just copped out and stayed put reminds me to be aware of what I will miss if I don’t push myself out.

Sadly there are times and situations that mean we can’t take ourselves to a better place. Last week when I was staring at the white frame of an MRI machine, I couldn’t move and was too stressed to think about anything for more than a few seconds. That’s something I really want to work on- the ability to take myself anywhere, no matter where I physically am. When someone tells me to imagine I’m by a still lake it’s not long before I’m fretting myself somewhere else.

I wonder how good you are at transporting yourself beyond your tough circumstances into a better place in your mind? I’m pretty sure that discipline can be learned; if we can’t change our present, maybe we can transform our state within it.

Many people, including me, would call that prayer. At least when you do that, Someone higher than you can help you out.

When the MRI was over, the radiographer came in, lifted the cage covering and helped me up. In that moment, she was an angel to me.

If you can’t get yourself free, either physically or mentally, look around for a rescue.

It’s there.

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