One wobbly stone at a time.

Last week I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Quite literally. I’d done the too long walk across the rippled sand and now I didn’t have the strength to get home.

My mum phoned dad and he drove his 4×4 over the rough hill road to get me. Problem was, there were a lot of rocks between me and the car. My mum and my sister coaxed me, one stone at a time, until I reached the slope going up to the field where dad was. It was slightly hilarious (my sister was laughing at the thought of me using it for a blog.) The final push was blocked by brambles so dad, Prince Charming style, hacked at them to clear the path. Meanwhile my two were cheering me on from the shore.

Not exactly my most dignified moment, but up there as one of the best family memories. You see, yet again, I’ve encountered love when I was at my worst.

Life is overwhelming, and often seems impossible to get through, like that heap of rocks. But if you just lift your hand, acknowledge you’re not able to do it by yourself, then help comes. I’ve tried it a lot over these past years and I can promise you, it works. You might embarrass yourself along the way but who’s going to remember that?

Like I always say, if I can walk into a wedding in my socks without being laughed at, then you can get away with pretty much anything!

One thought on “One wobbly stone at a time.

  1. Ruth, your openness and willingness to laugh at your own embarrassment is moowering for me! Thank you!!!

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