Look how far we’ve walked!

As I was walking up a hill towards our house in Donegal two days ago, I had a memory of my cousin and me deciding to walk in our bare feet the whole way from the beach on that road. Every ten metres we would stop and cry out, ‘look how far we walked!’ That feeling of achievement carried us the whole way home. This time, however, it was hard for a different reason. This time, I didn’t look back. I pushed on, sights set on a chair to rest in, a cup of tea to drink.

We always have the choice. Looking back can give us the resolve to keep going. But sometimes, that can be too painful and we just need to push on. My family often ask, ‘did you see-?’ Every time, I remind them that all I ever look at is the next five metres on the path ahead.

‘Do what you can’ is what my Pilates instructor says every week. I love that. It makes everything so much less daunting, so much more achievable.

So, look back on all you have done and congratulate yourself.

But then look ahead and know that you can do the same, and more, again.

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