Glimmer in the dust.

I’m going to tell you my secret, the thing that keeps my head up every day.

The core of everything I live for is my faith, but beyond that, because of that, I am trying to practise a discipline of looking for the positive in everything. There are times when health issues threaten to push me into the dirt, tempt me to give up. It’s when that happens that the biggest fight has to begin- the struggle to look beyond circumstances and see something to hold on to.

That was really the premise of my first novel, Glimpses of Sky; the chief protagonist survives everything that happens to her because she always looks up, searching for something brighter. I suppose it’s also the point of all my blogs – I write them to force me (and you, perhaps?) out of the darkness of self-pity to look for a shred of hope.

I was dismayed to hear my son say yesterday that he dreaded the week that lay ahead, that there was nothing to look forward to. I saw myself in him then sadly. I urged him to think hard and come up with something good that was happening today. He found one thing, I suggested another. More than academic, musical, sporting achievements, I want my children to be able to find joy in life and share that with other people.

Life is bleak, tough and murky for most of us. We desperately need to seek out the good, to be the positive voice. To find that glimmer in the dust.

So, let me ask you – can you find one thing about today that makes you happy?

It’s sparkling in there somewhere.

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