When anxiety met hope

The first time she encountered him, she barely noticed. The first time he spoke to her, she didn’t believe it.

It took a whole year before she (uncertainly) decided to give hope a chance. Of course, there were many moments of doubt, but, through all the dark times, lonely weeks and hesitations, hope won out.

Anxiety still shakes her head to many of hope’s suggestions. He managed to get a few through, with no help from anxiety. There were the woods, the day trips, the house move.

Right now, anxiety realises that there could have been so many more, if she’d let hope take over. Looking forward to the new year, anxiety is afraid that she’ll win. She doesn’t want to, when she feels her health getting worse, when she knows her mum is facing a really tough time.

What use is anxiety, really? No use at all at times like this.

Hope is always the best.

Don’t tell him that though.😉

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