In your prime

Last night when we were catching up on The Greatest Dancer, we saw a 98 year old step forward to tap dance her way into the hearts of the audience. She was frail and yet still able to dance. When the doors opened to confirm she’d been voted through, her face lit up spectacularly. I’ve never seen a brighter smile. There were photographs of her in her younger years. The time when most would say she was ‘in her prime’. She might have argued that in the moment when the audience were revealed she had never felt happier.

What does ‘in your prime’ imply anyway? I suppose it usually refers to someone who is in their peak time of health. What does that mean for the people who are whispers of themselves? What does it say about those who may be termed ‘over the hill’?

I spend a lot of my time fighting off regret and nostalgia. Sadness about the way I used to be, bitterness about my limits now.

BUT! It’s time to re-define ‘prime’. To look beyond physical ability and see something spectacular, like that butterfly in the picture, or the dancer’s smile. In some ways, it’s lazy to automatically jump to applaud expected ability.

Why don’t we look a little harder and see strengths in weakness?

You know, all of us will pass our prime one day. Let’s find a way through that. Let’s become the best version of ourselves in every season. No matter what we can or can’t do.

And through it all,


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