Dig deep!

What does that mean anyway? What if you search around inside yourself and come up empty?

It’s usually sports coaches prepping their teams at half-time or personalities reflecting on their recent performances who talk about finding the last power surge that took them over the finish line or helped them with the winning point.

I’ve read about and watched fictional characters who are lacking and then suddenly, miraculously, they are able to put the magic into their ballet steps, the distance into their throws, the inspiration into their writing. Tell me if that’s ever happened to you in real life?!

To be honest, second wind is nothing but a fairy tale to me. Every time I stop at the gate on my way out of the park, I hope for a surprising rocket boost but every time, I just have to fix my eyes on my next step, knuckle down and get home.

How many of us are just surviving life like that and not really living it? How many are scrabbling around in the gravel without a spade hoping for something better?

In my experience, if you can’t ‘dig deep’ then look about and see the friends beside you who can. These days I’m so thankful for my husband who always picks up things I’ve started and finishes them for me when I can’t do any more. Do you need someone like that? Or can you be that person for somebody else?

We’re not built to be stand alone, self-sufficient people. We’re designed for community. Sometimes, achieving things by ourselves is pleasing. Sometimes it is impossibly lonely.

I’ll never forget the image of a woman collapsing just metres from the finish line of a marathon and being carried to the end by two other participants.

Being helped on your journey, that’s real life. Maybe when we rest, we’ll plumb greater depths. Maybe when we wait, somebody else will do that for us.

Maybe there’ll even be treasure!

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