Looking for the opposite.

Thinking over my numerous blog posts, I’ve discovered the one leading philosophy that runs through most: acknowledging the difficulties we’re experiencing at the present time and looking for the opposite to get us through to the other side.

Of course, it’s my faith first and foremost that carries me through everything. And even that is full of opposites; a creator King who becomes a mortal baby to conquer death and bring life. The Light of the world who steps down from heaven into darkness to see the captives free.

If you don’t share that, you will still find the bipolar in so many of life’s ups and downs. What I have found is that when we are stuck in one state, it’s possible to take hold of the other: small joys in the midst of sadness, pricks of light concealed in the darkness, unexpected comfort in the tough times.

When life is very dark and sad it is often impossible to see the opposite. We are blinkered on every side with our pain. I have found it challenging to find any positives in times like that. BUT, if we start to really look, or bring someone alongside us who can, we will find the opposite. It might not change the situation we’re in, but it can change us.

A long time ago when I was struggling with insomnia, someone spoke to me of ‘treasures in the darkness’*. Now, it is a huge help to me if I try to search for them in every difficulty.

This may seem a little idealistic and naive to you and certainly if you questioned me when I’m lying in an MRI machine for an hour this Wednesday, I’m sure I’ll agree. But I have to tell you, there are more times when it helps me get through the day than not.

I really hope you can find your comfort when life is hard and your hope when despair is close. I really hope you can find your treasures in the darkness.

*Isaiah 45v3

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