We all need

Something to hold onto.

I was watching my daughter take careful steps along the icy footpath on our street this morning. At one point she crouched down, touching the ground to steady herself. The next moment she put her hands out to balance. She slipped. Flat on the ground. I grabbed my shoes to go help her (as if I could!) but a second later she had got up again and was bravely carrying on. Without anything to hold onto, she had managed to keep going. I was upset I hadn’t been her support right then, but I suppose it was yet another lesson in parenting; let go even when you wish you could always be there for them.

Every day I reach beside, behind or in front of myself when my elusive balance fails me. Everywhere I walk outside, I need to know where the next fence or lamppost is. If there aren’t any, then I slow right down.

Many times in life, it may feel like you’re on the ice with no support. When you feel stranded you need to look in front, behind or beside to find something, anything to grab onto. It might be a funny post on Facebook that stops your sadness for a moment. Or a good cup of coffee. Or a comforting blanket. Or a pet. Or a good friend. Or your family. Or your favourite music. Or, what I personally find the best, your faith.

A long time ago a colleague quipped ‘everyone needs a crutch’ when he heard I was a Christian. I said nothing. Now, if I saw him again I would say ‘yes!’ and it’s the only one I can be sure of.

I wonder where the lampposts or fences are in your life when you’re sliding? I really hope you do have something, someone to hold onto. Or you’re strong enough to be the hand for someone else.

I know I am only one step away from breaking the social distancing rules and calling to some random stranger to give me their arm. But honestly, don’t ever be ashamed to ask for help.

Now, is the postman out there? I’m thinking about going outside ..

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