No need to reciprocate,

Just receive.

My dog Hazel taught me another lesson today. She rolled onto her back and presented her tummy to me. At the start she tried to lick me to say thank-you but after a few minutes she gave up, lay back and just let herself enjoy it.

Earlier this afternoon my husband had started painting the dining room. I went in to offer help but was sent away. Always, even after years of being looked after, I still feel the guilt of not doing my bit. The pain of not helping out still rises every time.

Hazel would say, just chill out and enjoy it.

It is very hard, when you’re programmed to help, to sit back and let someone else do it for you. There’s a pride problem. But, if you think about it, by letting someone else help you, you’re helping them too. Recently I realised that the majority of people cannot sit and do nothing. ‘I’ve got to do something useful’ is what they say. But maybe, it’s not always doing that is useful. Sometimes, stillness can create moments full of purpose. If you don’t think that, then my life is not worth much at all these days!

Allowing someone to do something for you gives them space to be more to you. It takes a more grounded person to accept help, and to see that by accepting we are also enabling at the same time. It’s a topsy-turvy way of looking at things but you should try it. A lot of the time I hate this way of living, but then I remember, great moments arise out of small ones. Outstretched hands are ready to be filled.

Who are you going to accept help from today? And can you see how that will bless them too?

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