Like little pieces of the sky

I was listening to Rich Mullins at the weekend for the first time in years.

One of his lyrics registered with me, ‘So may peace rain down from Heaven
Like little pieces of the sky
Little keepers of the promise
Falling on these souls, the drought has dried’.

That’s what we need right now isn’t it? A little hope, a little connection with something greater than us. So many of us are dried out. It is hard to open our minds to grasp the idea of things being better, let alone consider the notion of heaven when life is so hellish right now.

I’m on a mission to find something good to tell my mum when I phone her every night. These days, that’s tough to do. Then this song reminded me that every day, there are moments that can hold blessing, if we let them. Having to look for little pieces of heaven every day helps me to remember that all is not dark, that there is always light somewhere.

After several wet days, the sun came out this morning. The spring bulbs are pushing up. The snowdrops have been out for weeks now. Thousands of people have had their vaccine. Good things are easier to spot these days. But, when they’re hard to find, when it’s dark and dry, what do we do?

We always have a friend who is able to be a piece of heaven for us. Would you ever consider that you are one too? So many have been lauded as heroes this past year. I think there’s a need for little pieces of the sky as well.

For me, the only way to really tap into that ‘sky’ is to look up to its Creator, the One who came down for us. I’ve heard and also asked myself the question, ‘where is God in all of this?’

He’s where He has always been: right here, next to you. Your little pieces of sky are just there to remind you of that.

Don’t lose heart. Look for the reminders of God’s relentless love for you. Look for the little keepers of the promise that everything is going to be ok.

2 thoughts on “Like little pieces of the sky

  1. Hello Ruth, I came across your name in Freckle magazine this week, I liked your article and decided to look at ruthwrites.
    ‘Little pieces’ is beautiful, touching, a reminder of who we are, where we are and how we fit in this life. I have a few dear friends who’ve had hard blows this past year, they are pieces of heaven to me and I thought I’d share this with them. I wanted you to know that your thoughts have been timely blessings of encouragement to each of them(and me) You’ve brought an understanding of the daily struggles and joys we all face in this wonderfully complicated life and a reminder that we don’t go it alone. Keep looking up!

    1. Dear Liz, I am so very glad that my post has helped you. I send these into the void every week, hoping that they will encourage someone so it means a lot to get your message. I’ve published another book via Amazon too if you’re interested. It’s called The Lost Things. I hope you’re getting through this tough time, and that you have enough little pieces to keep you pushing on. Take care and thank-you so much for your message! Xx

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