Sometimes it’s the imperfect things

That tell the most interesting stories.

I noticed a deep line between my eyebrows in a photo of myself taken a few months ago. After I got over my horror, I named it ‘2020’. I’m sure I frowned more last year than any other time. That wrinkle perfectly encapsulates the panic, worry, frustration and stress we’ve all been going through since last March.

I started reflecting on things in my life that are far from perfect and it dawned on me that sometimes the story behind them is a good one. The book in the picture is damaged because so many have read and loved it. Like many children’s teddies. Our piano buzzes when certain notes are hit because it’s been played so often.

We all have scars from falling off our bikes or being too adventurous on a swing. When my son broke his finger, he had to tell the story of how he did it over and over.

Life makes scars and imperfections. Most of them we could do without, but all of them show something that has made us the person we are.

While I wish my legs could be perfect, I see that the story I’m telling people as I walk is a good one too- it shows them that weakness doesn’t mean defeat, that sometimes not being like everyone else gives us a way to get close to them. I would never have spoken to the people I have if I hadn’t been resting on a bench. My poles give an adequate explanation for that as well.

Do you have a wall that has been chipped, a table that has been scraped, a battle scar you love telling people about, a line on your face that dates back to a hard time in your life? What do your imperfections say about you?

Maybe we need to remind ourselves that no-one is perfect, that everyone has scars. Even Jesus kept His.

Everyone has a story to tell.

The question is, are you ready to hear it?

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