Sometimes the cake

Turns out just fine.

I don’t know about you, but I set out every day expecting things to go wrong. And then I can say ‘I knew that would happen’ or ‘of course’ or, worst of all, ‘I told you so.’

How Eeyore of me.

There are always remembered failures, accidents and disappointments that can fuel up our expectation of disaster. One time, I went alone to get a diagnosis. One time, the cake didn’t turn out right. One time, or a few more for this one, I tripped and fell. Because of those remembered bad times, I worry every time I go into hospital by myself, put a cake in the oven or step outside my front door. Living with that amount of negative anticipation does not make for an easy life.

What if we expected things to go well? What’s there to lose? If you’re wrong, you’ll have to deal with the same consequences. But at least you were happy until then. Expecting bad things just gives them power over you before they’ve even happened. There are definitely more pleasantly surprised moments in my life than disappointments. And yet, I persist in expecting the worst. 2020 did not help with that mindset, let me tell you!

Starting a habit of thinking things are going to be ok, looking back over the darkest of situations and being able to see a chink of light in them, carrying a happy anticipation of something working out: these are the way to a happier life.

When you look ahead, can you see a risen cake, a kind person when you’re facing something alone, an outdoor experience that brought you more joy than pain? If you can, why not join me today in expecting good things, even when bad odds seem to be stacked against you.

Even if it’s just eating the perfect cake someone else has baked for you.

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