Take hold of the blessing

With both hands.

Last week I was struggling to stand up and get things done. When my two washed and dried the dishes, when my other half did countless tasks for me, I was overcome with a feeling of being cared for.

That feeling can be an uneasy one, as we struggle with the frustration of not being able to do it all ourselves. Most of the time, that’s the place I stay in- wishing I could do it all myself, embarrassed that yet again I have to concede defeat.

This time, however, it struck me that if I turned away from those negative feelings and stepped towards gratitude, life would be a little easier. Coming to terms with an inability to do things is really tough. But if we can push away our pride, we will see other people standing by to help us.

It nearly always brings me to tears when someone steps forward because I’m falling back. Before my second vaccine, I had just walked in to the hall and someone asked me if I had difficulty standing for long periods. Is it that obvious?! Then at the end another person wondered if there was anything he could do to help. I left feeling sad I was so easily found out, but also beautifully cared for.

I’m learning to be grateful for every kindness I’m shown. It’s hard to accept help but we shouldn’t push it away, making light of something to be cherished.

The place I am stumbling to is one of privilege and blessing. Any darkness in it is down to me.

The best thing is, when we open up to kindness, we may find that we have enough to share with other people.

So take hold of this blessing, lift it up and let it spread to the people next to you. Once they have opened themselves up to it, they’ll hopefully pass it on to someone else.

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