Take a chance

Yesterday I stood outside a small independently run bookshop and didn’t go in. I could have introduced myself and talked about the books I’ve published.

As I walked away I had a three decades old feeling I remember having when I was a wee girl. I had looked up at the lowest diving board and decided I couldn’t jump off. I went home with a heavy feeling of disappointment that would last until the next week when I had another chance.

Is there anything that you regret not taking a chance on? What kept you back? Yesterday I blamed my poor balance but when I walked away I thought of a thousand other reasons why I didn’t go in. Behind all those excuses lay the main one: I was afraid. Of failure. Of rejection.

But you know what? I will never know what would have happened because I never took the chance.

If you’re in a place of frustration about missed opportunities I would encourage you to find your courage and step forward. If you fail or are rejected you can still say, ‘I gave it my best shot’. What can you say if you didn’t try? Nothing.

I do struggle with people who have succeeded saying jubilantly, ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’. I’m not sure that’s actually true. But still, if you don’t take a chance, then you’ll never know.

Drown out the doubts in your mind and tell yourself you are worth the risk. Everyone is.

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