Super mummy

My eleven year old made this for my birthday last week.

All week I’ve been mostly staggering round the house/mostly lying on the sofa with heat fatigue. I’ve looked at it and wondered where is the super in all of that?

But when my two look at me, they see ‘mummy’ over everything else. They don’t like it that I can’t go up mountains with them but they still come home to me at the end of the day.

Maybe you feel that you have lost the person that you thought was you. Maybe you can’t see a way to re-create someone different that you can be proud of.

Whatever you have lost, whoever you are, people still see you as YOU. Forget the physical changes or the painful things you have gone through. Those that watch you and know you still see you. Still love you.

Everyone has a bit of super in them and the best people will always see it.

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