Start out expecting

Your day to work out ok.

The other day when I was able to walk further than I thought and everyone seemed to be enjoying the outdoor birthday celebrations, I was pleasantly surprised. I’d woken up with a familiar sense of dread. Like most mornings.

That is not a way to live your life! Always expecting the worst and barely registering when it doesn’t happen.

My children have been going through the ordeal of ‘performance exams’ for piano and clarinet. They did their piano in one take but clarinet took a painful two. As I sat listening I was willing my son to keep going, to move quickly past his mistakes. If he had started out expecting things to go wrong, every single missed note would have compounded into expected failure.

How do you feel when you wake up every morning? Pessimistic? Full of dread? Worried? Frightened? I wonder if you search within yourself for even the tiniest glimmer of hope, would your day be better?

If you set out expecting things to go well, then some will. Better to be able to know hope than to be smothered in gloom. Better to start off with your head held high than to never push off the starting blocks.

The sun is out today, waiting for you to step into it and find a little joy. If you start out expecting it, whatever you’re going through, it will be there.

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