The wasps

I’ve had a bothersome morning. The family are out. It was supposed to be a restful time for me in our beautiful holiday cottage.

That lasted less than a minute. Then the buzzing started. It took a while to locate the source but I could see them buzzing and bouncing against the window. Now I’m all for encouraging the survival of our insect kingdom. But when four wasps arrive in quick succession… Every time I sat down another one would buzz into my hearing.

Do you ever feel that your troubles rush into your life with no consideration of how worn out you already are? Or just when you think you’re in control of them, something else happens?

I have met people who seem to get more than their fair share of problems. But then, what is fair in this indiscriminate life? It’s how we deal with them that is the key. Or, if we’re at the end of our strength, how we find help beyond ourselves.

I can’t triumph over the wasps, but I know someone who can. I’ll use a book to guide them to a window or, don’t tell anyone, to meet their maker. But that’s a temporary fix.

We can have a cup of tea, eat chocolate, light scented candles or run a bath but after that, the problem is still there.

I can’t solve the wasp problem. I can’t make myself better. I can’t take away your problems. But. Existing within whatever struggle we have with a ready smile, a good friend and a steady faith can actually change us for the better if we let it.

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