The dawn will come

There’s so much dark around us isn’t there? Cases and deaths are rising, people are giving up, our world is battling with violence, injustice, poverty and disease. Our climate is facing catastrophe.

Personally I am going through one of the worst spells with my health. It is so hard to sit in the mud and see any light anywhere. But, I’m telling you and myself this true thing: even after the blackest of nights, the sun will rise.

Aye right I hear you say. Let me tell you, it’s hard work to see good when we’re swamped with bad. But it’s possible, I promise. Two days ago, moments after me feeling sad, my husband made me laugh. Every day my children and my dog bring energy to me. The weather outside reminds me that change is possible. My mum used to always point out blue sky coming, even when the rest of us were moaning about rain. This week she didn’t see any break in the bad weather but still she said she was very glad to be in Donegal for it.

I have realised that we have to hold on to hope, whatever hell we’re in. Good things are on their way. Change is afoot. If you can believe that, it will transform the way you move through the hardest of times. The Bible tells us that joy comes in the morning and I pin my hope on that.

As my cousin Eilidh Patterson sings, ‘this is just the darkest part of night before dawn’.

Watch for it, light is on its way.

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