Fresh air

My granny always said it. My mum did too, usually when we’d been packed into a boiling caravan playing relentless card games all day long- ‘would you go out and get some fresh air?!’

I suppose when I was more able I never paid attention to it, but now I’m noticing the times and days when I don’t get outside to fill my lungs with cooler more lively air beyond my mainly inside world.

I would run out of fingers if I counted all the times when I suffocated myself within four walls. The worst was definitely being stuck in a narrow MRI tube, but I have memories of unzipping a boiling tent after a night camping, or carrying my newly born babies in their car seats to breathe in air outside the hospital or stepping out the door after an exam, or leaving after an hour’s long torture in Sports Direct.

Yesterday I watched as the small group of people that had been inside for church walked out, took their masks off and were visibly set free. Being outside clearly has spiritual significance too.

I have been struggling inside today and sensing an urge to open the door to get a breath. It’s amazing how just five minutes outside can fix you a little on the inside too!

When I finish this, I’m going to heed the words of my ancestors and get some fresh air. You can do this one with me!

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