Dance, sing, live

Your heart out. Watching Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday, Judi Love’s flamboyant, bootylicious dancing put a smile on my face and left a happy thought in my head.

I was singing loudly the other day and my two were cringing when I hit a wrong note. So I stopped. In church these days the music is muffled by the masks we all have to wear. Walking downhill at the weekend, I noticed I was taking tiny steps to ensure I stayed upright.

Life has become a reduced, half-lived experience. The days of taking big strides and singing at the top of my voice have been shut down. All of us are living a muted life these pandemic times. I wonder when living to the highest level will return? Of course, exercising care right now is vital. Being careful is the caring thing to do.

There are still safe times and places to dance like no-one’s looking, sing like no-one’s listening and walk like no-one’s watching. And maybe if you do that, another cautious person will see and draw courage from it, just like I did when I saw Judi. Every time I walk with my poles down the street I hope that someone will notice me and have the gumption to face one of their own fears.

To live more fully comes at a price. I have to forget the memory of what I used to be able to do, swallow the humiliation and lift my head. Judi confessed she had lost her confidence over this past while. Her dance partner is helping her to find it again. Who does that for you? Who can you encourage to live life with a bit more courage?

Here’s your challenge for today: whatever you’ve been thinking of doing, stop doubting yourself and do it wholeheartedly. When Judi danced, two of the judges stood and danced with her. So go on, wear your heart on your sleeve and enjoy it. And you never know, it might give someone else the boost they were waiting for.

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