‘there’s more love in the world

than the opposite’

Last week my niece was born and I felt the happiness fizzing round our house. The idea that life still has ways of bringing light and joy is a wonderful one.

Bill Bailey commented on how British people always lean towards the negative with our ‘not bad’ and ‘could be worse’ responses when we’re asked how we are. How often do you say ‘great’ when asked? How often do you feel great?

It is easier to absorb and exude negativity than the opposite isn’t it? It takes less effort to fall than to pull yourself up.

Or does it?

I read the above quote from Fredrik Backman yesterday, thought about it and decided it is actually true! When we hear bad news every day, when we see concerning photographs of suffering people, the darkness seeps in and takes over. We can’t see parents tenderly holding their babies, the faces of lonely people lighting up when they have a visitor, the young couple setting out on their first adventure together, two old friends holding on to eachother because they’re laughing so hard.

Why do we let the ‘not bads’ cloud our awareness of the good things that are there for us every day? Can we see a way to carry light into the growing darkness around us? Even to ourselves?

I love it that sometimes that happens when we’re not expecting it. I love it that there are still good surprises.

Like little baby girls 🥰.

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